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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clarification on Council's "undisclosed award"

An issue was raised during Thursday's City Council meeting by At-Large Republican candidate Steve Miner that the council needed to disclose what they appropriated $311 for out of their Neighborhood Improvement Fund.

The amount was listed in the cost breakdown of Sunday's Record article as "$311 – Purchase of an undisclosed award." Miner's criticism was based on the fact he thought the council did not reveal what the allocation was for, when in fact it was for the purchase of a physical award, as in a mounted plaque.

According to provided documentation the award was shipped to Councilman Mark Wojcik, R-District 1. It was purchased in honor of Neil Kelleher, according to City Clerk Bill McInerney.

The amount was original listed as "undisclosed" simply because the documents did not reveal what occasion the award was purchased for.


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