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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proctors/Chasan project on Planning Board agenda

Even though plans to use the Proctor's Theater site for City Hall appear to have fallen by the wayside, Columbia Development Companies are still moving full speed ahead on a master plan for the Proctors and Chasan buildings.

On the agenda for the October 14 Planning Board meeting is a State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and Review of a Master Plan for the sites, to be presented by Columbia. A copy of the Environmental Assessment Form (.pdf), one of the first steps in the SEQRA process completed Columbia, is available on the city website. There is also a one-page document (.pdf) showing the master plan, which includes the stabilization of the Proctor's Theater and the full interior and facade renovation of both buildings.

The Planning Board meeting is shaping up to be interesting (and jam-packed), with the review of a proposal to construct a third deck on the Uncle Sam Parking Garage and a proposal to made facade improvements to the former Revolution Hall also on the agenda, which is available here (.pdf).


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