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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AD: More firefighters at Station 2 will improve safety

Members of the Troy Uniformed Firefighters Association, the union for the city's Fire Department, have taken out a full-page advertisement in Thursday's edition of The Record calling for the city to accept a nearly $900,000 federal SAFER grant which officials have considered declining because of the lost-term costs to the city.

Mayor Harry Tutunjian's administration announced last week that they were uncertain whether they would accept the grant to hire eight new firefighters because, while the grant helps to offset the cost of the hires on a declining scale over five years, they would still cost the city roughly $3.5 million in salary and benefit costs.

The UFA disagreed and believed nearly all but $400,000 could be recovered from additional ambulance revenue that could be made if the fire department could more consitently man its aparatus at Station 2, one of the busiest in the city, with the additional men.

UFA President Dave Paul has noted in the past that the staffing issues at Station 2, the Bouton Road firehouse, prevent firefighters from operating both the station's ambulance and fire engine at the same time.

Additionally, the ad calls attention to how the station's call volume has increased by 56 percent, with a 30 percent increase across the rest of the city, how now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had supported the grant when she was a state senator, as well as how fire doubles in size every minute and that death is a possiblity after four to six minutes without emergency care.

UFA officials are expected to discuss the matter further with the City Council next Thursday during the council's Finance Comittee meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

city fire/ambulance could have made extra revenue if only they went with the billing company who did not have political ties and was guranteeing the city an extra million dollars per year in revenue, cag is a bs company that is to large to handle all the contracts they have and the local company who out bid everybody else and wasn't even a finalist, would have brought in more revenue but again this adm. only plays the politically game. this city is a joke and my taxes and fees keep rising, paying rent on a building your not even in, good fiscal mangagment, mayor and his cronnies are a joke.

June 9, 2009 at 3:21 PM 

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