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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pirro pens GOP strategies

Albany's Metroland reported today that city spokesman Jeff Pirro sent out an e-mail to Republican insiders within the last few months which detailed plans on how to better organize the political party, with the hopes of Election Day success in future races for the mayor's office and City Council seats.

Troy Democrats tried numerous times to have Pirro removed from his position during the city's recent budget battles for his work on party politics but were unsuccessful, as a Supreme Court judge ruled that only Mayor Harry Tutunjian had the power to appoint and remove members of his office staff.

While nothing in the document pops out as a surprise for an outnumbered party looking to gain power in a city largely populated by Democrats, it is likely to ruffle a few feathers.

It also provides a unique look into the general planning process for politicians which members of the public might never normally see.

According to Metroland, the document was first made public by The Sons of Liberty, "a grassroots organization that formed after last year's Tea Party in Albany to study organizing tactics and bask in their ideological purity."

Here's an excerpt from the document:

"What are we for? What are we against? We cannot simply be for more Republicans and against City Council Democrats. That doesn’t work. We cannot be an opposition that only opposes people or things. We have to be an option. Right now, the Dems are simply against the Mayor but they use such populist rhetoric that they appeal to the majority of Trojans who are simply fatigued by NYS and local politics (for those that even care).

Our message in November failed for a lot of a reasons but it is still my contention that the primary reason was that the Democrats were able to take credit for what the Mayor and allies have done. Voter fraud didn’t resonate as much as it should have because the environment was already so poisonous that people tuned it out. (That works to our advantage though, especially when indictments are handed down) In the end, the people that didn’t have their vote hijacked had no other reason to vote against Democrats."

The entire document can be read here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hail Pirro - For he has a plan!

February 10, 2010 at 6:45 PM 

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