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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preliminary schedule of 2011 budget meetings and hearings

Below, in .PDF and calendar form, is the preliminary schedule of committee meetings and public hearings to discuss the proposed 2011 budget. The public hearings are all taking place at Christ Church United Methodist at 35 State Street while the committee meetings will be held at City Hall at 1776 Sixth Ave.

Some committees will be more interesting than others -- given that the water and sewer budgets have remained steady, the Public Utilities committee is likely to be uneventful. Given that Council President Clem Campana has said he is looking to focus on the Parks & Recreation budget in light of issues with the Frear Golf Course and the pool openings, expect some changes -- or at least discussion -- during that meeting on October 20.

After last year's attempts to remove the Deputy Director of Public Information position (currently filled by Jeff Pirro) and then-DPW Commissioner Bob Mirch, the October 19 meeting discussing Mayor's Office and Administration expenses may produce some controversy, but Mayor Tutunjian has already removed funding for the top DPW job, so it will remain to be seen.

Here is the full list of committee meetings and public hearings, as well as the specific budget lines that will be discussed at each, embedded in .PDF form:

Preliminary Hearings Notice for 2011 Budget_FINAL DATES to Council

Here is a calendar version of the meeting schedule for the few out there, like me, who will probably be at every meeting. Click through for a full-size image:



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