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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Council seats for sale

The contents of the former City Hall, including the Council Chamber theater seating, will be auctioned off this Saturday, Oct. 16 at the 1 Monument Square location. Even though the City Council passed an ordinance last week preventing the demolition of the site without prior approval, work has already been under way abating -- and essentially gutting -- the interior of the building.

Although passing a resolution in May by a vote of 7-2 to accept and appropriate $910,000 in Restore New York funding for the demolition, there has recently been a move by some Council members and residents to consider returning City Hall to Monument Square.

It seems reasonable, however, that the price tag for any renovations of the building will continue to go up as contents are removed and abatement work moves forward.

There are a number of other items -- including vehicles, heavy equipment, police evidence and bikes -- also be auctioned off on Saturday at three different sites. For more information, visit or call 895-8150, ext. 101 for a brochure.

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